Have you been cheated by someone? Do you need a channel to let it out of your mind and system? Would you like someone to speak with you about who, why, how you were cheated? Please feel free to connect right here. You could also share if you happened to cheat someone knowing or unknowingly. This is your space to clear your mind.


4 thoughts on “Cheat

  1. I dated my boyfriend nearly 4 years. He left 6 months for an internship in a different country. He left on good terms, talked to me every day he was gone. Until the month before he was supposed to come home…He called to tell me he cheated on me with one of the other interns. He never did anything ever before this moment to make me think he would cheat. So he broke up with me. I was so sad. I was upset that he cheated but for some reason I still wanted to get back together. But it didn’t happen. The girl he cheated on me with moved to America for him. Immediately after she moved here he came back crawling and begging for forgiveness and begging to get back together. I said no….until a couple weeks later. We got back together and were together 3 months until he randomly decided to break up with me once again. (this was just this week that he broke up with me) I’m just confused. I don’t know what he wants and I don’t know if he even knows himself. I don’t know if I should move on or not.

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    • Honey,
      He cheats you,
      He calls to inform about it and NOT to apologize,
      Instead he breaks off with you.
      The message is clear that he wanted to do this.
      The coming and going away is probably because of two reasons:
      1. He thinks that his transitions and shocks will improve you in some way (Make you independent, more understanding, sensitive, straightforward or anything else).
      2. He is trying to tell you or believes that you cant be happy without him and you are uncontrollably in his control.
      If he loved you for real, the first thing he would have for you would be respect for your feelings. I don’t see this in your series of experiences.
      If there is a 3rd possibility, you will know better.
      Let me know of anything you would like to share.

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  2. My boyfriend of almost 3 years kissed another girl last valentines day. Hes begged and begged me. He now tells me he loves me pretty much everyday. I forgave him but I still have not forgotten. It still makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it

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    • He couldn’t control his urge to kiss a girl in spite of having you and he had the nerve to do it on valentines day! Does he respect you or treat you with care and support or does he only apologizes? You deserve love and a free life.



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