Did someone hurt you? Was it a friend or a relative? Did it happen recently or is it an old experience? Does it still hurt you? Did you hurt someone? Everything that went into it, please share it here to get it out of your mind forever and ever….


Does something scare you? Have you seen something scary? Is it a movie or something in real life? Do you wonder what you saw or experienced was real or an imagination? If you have something scary or horrible clogged up in your mind, let it out so you find some relief.


Do you have hopes? Did you lose all your hopes? What caused you so much grief that you left hands with this life saving strength? Please share your experience and stories on magical convo.


Does something excite you? What does fun mean to you? When did you have the most fun in your life? Do you miss the fun you have at some point or another? Who is the most fun person or what is the most fin thing you know? This is your place to give it an outlet. Let your emotions flow….


Do you have a friend? What is the best quality of your friend or friends? Would you like to make a friend? How about me? Did you have a fight with your friend? Is there a way you could patch up with them? Have you met someone unfriendly? Would you like to make friends with someone you know? Please share it all in this space.


Do you love food? Do you like preparing food? What is it that you could prepare the best? Does someone you know cooks something really well? Do you like a particular food joint or a restaurant? Do you diet? Is there a sad experience about food that you would like to share? Please share it here at magical convo and see what everyone has to say about their experiences and more.


Do you like spending your days in a special manner? Do you like days better or the nights? Does something about days make you feel certain emotions like poetic, romantic, or bored? If you have any special feeling or thought to share, you may do it right here at your own platform at magical convo.


Do you like children or do you have an another view? Are you a an adult or a young child? Do you have children or a child of your own? Is there a childhood memory that you would like to share? Please feel free to share it here as this is your own abode to express your heart felt desires and secrets.


Do you feel crowded or do you like being around a crowd? What are your views on places that are usually crowded? Do you feel something that many people would agree to? Share it on this post and see where it goes.


Do you believe in angels and guardian angels? Have you experienced anything about them? Would you like to share something about what you think about angels? Please feel free to share any view or perspective about angels.


There are many major and minor diseases. Some fear the doctors and some fear the injection. Does medicine interest you? Do you have anything to say about either diseases, medicines or this profession of medicine? This is your space to bring it out.


Are you in college, out of college or going to enter it? Do you have any stories, fears or concerns to share? College is about education, new experiences and meeting new people. Feel free to open your heart about anything related to your or anyone’s college life here.


Have you been cheated by someone? Do you need a channel to let it out of your mind and system? Would you like someone to speak with you about who, why, how you were cheated? Please feel free to connect right here. You could also share if you happened to cheat someone knowing or unknowingly. This is your space to clear your mind.